¡ULTIMO MOMENTO! ¡La JOYA del fútbol argentino que podría cerrar BOCA!

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36 thoughts on “¡BOCA INTERESADO en FARIAS! – ¿Llega a Boca FACUNDO FARÍAS como REFUERZO en Junio?

  1. Farias que viene de lesión larga, que nunca lo vi ser refigura ni ser importante como si lo era el Pulga Rodriguez. Es un jugador que tira algún caño, que la pisa, pero que no lo veo decisivo y viendo como es esta dirigencia media pelotuda seguramente o no vuelve Taborda o si vuelve y viene Farias queda tapado Taborda. Me van a decir que en reserva no hay uno mínimamente igual o mejor que Farias.

  2. Iniesta's farewell message to Riquelme: "In the end, you will get the farewell match you deserve, Roman. I regret that I will not be able to share with you this very special moment in order to enjoy the magic that you give to La Bombonera. It is a moment that I have waited for many years," came This occasion I am stuck on the other side of the world. in Japan. But from here I would like to express my gratitude for everything you have given to this sport. It is football, Roman, who thanks you for that wonderful journey that you started since 1996, and even took you to Barcelona, ​​​​where I got to know you as a teammate and as a person, and then my journey began. And I cannot forget how you received me and welcomed me at a time which was undoubtedly delicate for you. But you have always helped me both on and off the field. You had unlimited generosity towards a young player who was coming to the Camp Nou for the first time. These are days that will remain in my memory forever. That is why I am so thrilled that you are finally coming home to say goodbye with the greatness that a genius like you deserves. Together with you and all your lovers, privileged viewer of this beautiful movie of your life. Thanks for everything, Roman! Enjoy your tribute party

  3. 3:33 Gol de Lucho González con asistencia de Messi – BOC 0 – 1 ARG
    4:39 Gol de Barihjo con asistencia de Riquelme – BOC 1 – 1 ARG (¿Había penal de Scaloni?)
    5:12 Gol de Barihjo – BOCA 2 – 1 ARG
    5:51 Gol de Ledesma con asistencia de Riquelme – BOC 3 – 1 ARG
    6:31 Gol de Riquelme!! – BOC 4 – 1 ARG
    7:05 Gol de Messi!! con asistencia de Gago – BOC 4 – 2 ARG
    7:33 Gol de Gago – BOC 4 – 3 ARG
    7:57 Gol de Manteca Martínez con rebote al arquero de Agustín Riquelme – BOC 5 – 3 ARG