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Did you know that Achraf Hakimi is the second man to successfully win an argument with a women after johnny Depp? Achraf Hakimi is a Moroccan professional footballer Ashraf Hakimi who plays for a ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain, is currently embroiled in a divorce case where his wife Hiba Abouk is seeking to have their assets separated by the court. However, she was shocked to learn that despite earning a million euros in monthly salary, Hakimi does not actually own anything. Instead, he reportedly deposits 80% of his earnings into his mother’s account and relies on her to purchase anything he needs, including clothes, cars, jewelry, and other personal items. Therefore, the court ruled that there were no assets to separate. achraf hakimi, achraf hakimi divorce, achraf hakimi wife, achraf hakimi fortune, achraf hakimi career, achraf hakimi net worth, achraf hakimi mother, achraf hakimi news, achraf hakimi age, achraf hakimi wife age, achraf hakimi wife networth, achraf hakimi wife name, hiba abouk, achraf hakimi and hiba abouk, hiba abouk divorce, achraf hakimi children, hiba abouk first marriage, hiba abouk son, hiba abouk children, achraf hakimi divorce case, hiba abouk and achraf hakimi, hakimi assets court case, moroccan footballer psg, millionaire footballer assets, footballer deposits salary in mother’s account, footballer owns no property or assets, mother manages footballer’s finances
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